Monday, June 19, 2017

VLOG 57 - Favorite Lebanese Restaurant in Montreal | Ramadan Vlog

Here's my last week's vlog! I went to 2 different restaurants for iftar and my favorite was the Lebanese restaurant in Dix 30 called Zyara. I also included some DJI Phantom 4 drone shots. I will try to include more in the vlogs :)


➤ Zyara restaurant Lebanese cuisine & lounge at Quartier Dix30: We went in a group, so got the private room. Their group menu is good and you can get so much food!! Love the ambiance, food and service.

➤Al Quds Grillades (DDO): Got the family special from Al Quds on Saturday and it was so good!!! My family loved it!

➤Moxie's Grill & Bar: the fish tacos and tuna salad were okay. Their sweet potato fries and nachos were good though :D

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