Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VLOG 58 - Preparing Last Iftar, Making samosas and Jalebi | Ramadan/Eid Vlog

Here's my last week's vlog! I was off from work on Friday, so decided to make samoas and nihari. I also filled dates with pistachio and almond and topped it off with coconut.

It was Eid on Sunday and I made the second batch of samosas and jalebi!! I spent the day with family.

Click here to watch my video on How to Make Meat Samosas (one of my oldest videos but I still use the same recipe)


➤ Shish Poulet - This is my favorite fast food place and I love their chicken plate

➤ Cocktail Antabli - Got sugarcane juice from there

➤ Blueboy Frozen Yogurt/Yogourt GlacĂ©

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